Laura Ritchie

Laura Ritchie

Name: Dr Laura Ritchie
Job title and Department: Reader in Pedagogy, Teaching Fellow in Music
Organisation: University of Chichester
Year of NTF award: 2012

Summary of teaching career

Dr Laura Ritchie is Teaching Fellow (Reader in Pedagogy) in Music at the University of Chichester and is author and coordinator of the distinctive Instrumental / Vocal Teaching routes within the BA, BMus, and BSc undergraduate degrees, and co-authored and coordinates the MA in Advanced Performance Programme.

Laura was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship in 2012. She has a strong background in both performance and research, with a Masters in Advanced Performance and a PhD in Psychology of Music from the Royal College of Music. Her PhD research demonstrated that student self-belief was key to success in learning and performance. Laura’s subsequent research has centred on excellence in teaching and learning, in particular focusing on innovative ways to unlock student potential.

Laura left America, where she studied with the cellist Hans Jensen at Northwestern University, to study performance at the Royal College of Music in London. Laura drew upon her extensive professional experience when creating pioneering Instrumental / Vocal Teaching programmes at the University of Chichester. Laura has an infectious enthusiasm that inspires. She enjoys working across disciplines, bringing her ideas to people through practical, hands-on activities that give experience to the concept of self-efficacy through music-making. In 2014 her recording of Resonance was the final project work for the #Phonar​ course taught online and at Coventry University.

Her teaching focuses on creating situations where students can apply learning through a self-directed approach. Her PhD (RCM), explored self-efficacy in music within the contexts of learning and performing, and analysed its application through self-regulated learning. In September 2014 she launched the first open university-level music course #MUS654 which focuses on creating a curriculum for private instrumental or vocal lessons.

Recent research projects include an intervention study relating self-regulating learning, practice habits, and attainment, self-efficacy beliefs across a range of ages of high level performers, and the relationship and influence of contributory extra-musical factors on perceived musical self-efficacy for a given task.

Her current book project with Palgrave Macmillan Fostering Self-efficacy in Higher Education Students reveals the distinctive teaching methods that continue to sustain excellence in her professional practice.

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