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Summary of some of the books produced by UK National Teaching Fellows


Laura Ritchie book flier


–> Flyer to Laura Ritchie’s new book –> Fostering Self-Efficacy in Higher Education Students.

Book by Carol Evans

–> FLYER to Carol’s new book –> Understanding Pedagogy UK Discount

In 2013 the Association published a book edited by Tim Bilham sharing innovations and practices from National Teaching Fellows (NTFs) in the UK. The idea for the book grew from the 2012 ANTF symposium, and includes 36 contributions from fellows.

For the Love of Learning
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NTF Books


For a list and weblinks to a number of other publications by National Teaching Fellows, please down load our “BOOK CASE” document!

NTF Books (Word Document) – updated September 2015

NTF Books (PDF) – updated September 2015

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