Peter Draper

Peter Draper

Name: Dr Peter Draper

Job title and Department: Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health and Social Care
Organisation: University of Hull
Year of NTF award: 2013

Summary of teaching career

Peter teaches nursing at the University of Hull, with specific responsibility for leading the level 7 provision including taught Masters Degrees, and an MRes programme. He has supervised 16 PGR students to the successful completion of their degrees and externally examined 14 doctorates in the UK and internationally.

As a pedagogic innovator Peter uses creative writing techniques to teach health professionals about the impact of language on the wellbeing of older people and has published and presented on this topic internationally. He has also led funded research and practice development projects on innovation in teaching and the relationship between innovation and leadership.

Peter has led international workshops on leadership and innovation, and the development of scholarly approaches to teaching and learning; and within his own institution he has created a staff development programme to encourage staff to become SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) scholars. A participant at a workshop at Wollongong University said ‘Clear, well-paced, supportive and genuinely interesting’, and another commented ‘Excellent, engaging workshop’.

Peter is a Principal Fellow of the HEA, and a very experienced advisor on recognition and reward in relation to teaching and learning, playing a leading role in the University of Hull’s scheme to award HEA fellowships at all levels. He has also acted as an external advisor at other universities.

His disciplinary research concerns the impact of nursing on the wellbeing of older people.

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