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Policy last reviewed and updated on 3rd January 2015

1. Our use of data is informed by the Information Commissioner’s Office under the 1998 Data Protection Act. As a ‘non-profit’ organization we are not obliged to register with the ICO ( but we do follow their guidance and recommendations.

2. During your use of this Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF) web site – that is, web sites that are hosted by us on the infrastructure provided to us by Reclaim Hosting – you may be asked for your full name, address, e-mail address, job-title, organisational affiliation, and daytime/evening/mobile telephone numbers, all of which is “Personal Information”.

3. Your Personal Information, if you decide to provide it, will be protected when you use this web site by encryption techniques using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology; [] and personal information will be securely handled when transferred within the ANTF using equivalent techniques. We collect no payment on this website so do not store sensitive credit information.

4. Your Personal Information will be used for the following purposes.
 1) To enable you to contact us via the webform provided. 2) To be able to make comments on blog articles. 3) To enable the ANTF to contact you, by email, post, or telephone on teaching fellow related matters.
 4) To enable you to take part in ANTF activities.
 5) To enable us to continue maintain and develop this web site.

5. Except as summarised in paragraphs 6 below, if you use this site to send the ANTF Personal Information, such as your email address, we will not sell your details to anyone. We will not give your details to any third party without your agreement unless the third party is contracted by us to provide services that are part of the overall service offering. In this case the personal information that we share will be restricted to name, e-mail address, postal address, and phone number, and we will use all reasonable means at our disposal to ensure that the third party only uses Personal Information in the provision of the services we have contracted it to provide.

6. Unless were are requested in writing not to do so, we publish:
 1) the names and logos of our Sponsoring Members on this web site;
 2) a full listing of our Organisational and Sponsoring Members, and the name and email address of the designated contact of each Organisational or Sponsoring Member.

7. Our web-hosting company has the facility to monitor and record connections to and from the ANTF web site. The monitoring data that our ISP collects includes browser type, domain names, traffic volumes, temporal data, IP information, and data posted from web-forms. Concerning monitoring data that we ourselves collect, we reserve the right to analyse this information from time to time.

8. We use cookies on some parts of the site for the following purposes. 1) If a user submits a comment to the site and ticks the “Remember me” option their email address will be stored in a cookie for one year.
 2) We use Google analytics which places cookies on this site. These cookies do not collect personal information.

9. From time to time we provide ANTF services using third parties that themselves collect Personal Information from individual users. Examples of these services include but are not restricted to those provided by Google, WordPress, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter. How Personal Information provided by users to these third parties is handled is the responsibility of the third party in question, not the ANTF.

10. In case of queries please contact us.


This Privacy Policy is licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) licence. It is adapted from the Association of Learning Technology (CC BY SA 3.0 version).

Attribution: Association of Learning Technology, available:

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