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We very much encourage NTFs to form interest groups (IGs) around common themes. This document provides you with guidance on how to get started. The idea of IGs came from the September 2014 NTF community survey, and we discussed further and outlined some ideas for groups at the 2015 Annual Symposium. Essentially, we do not wish to be prescriptive about what groups should exist. We do ask for a nominated lead (or co-leaders) to come forward, and we will share your names (but not contact details) via this Blog. We encourage you to blog about your IG activities!

ANTF_Interest group guidance_June15 DOC

ANTF_Interest group guidance_June15 PDF


4 thoughts on “Special Interest Groups

    • Dear Karl

      Yes I think a number of people have been bounced off for some reason. It is a hidden list so if you have a jiscmail log in (for other groups) you can search and subscribe. Alternatively contact the JISCMAIL help desk? https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/help/contacts.html The HEA manage this list.

      Great idea for a tech group!!! We’ll compile ideas at the symposium and get back to everyone. This will be very popular. Do you also link into ALT?

      Best wishes

  1. Karl,
    I think some sort of Technology in Education SIG would be popular. I’m sure my colleagues of ’08, Derek France and Julian Park, would be interested too. This especially as we are continuing with our HEF-funded Enhancement of Fieldwork Learning project that has continued (courtesy of the British Ecological Society) and extends to the use of technology (especially mobile technologies) in general. I’m a member of ALT but I think there is a need to promote learning technologies from the educational side. The steadily increasing numbers of NT Fellows will help to support education that really can make a difference.

  2. Hi Brian
    Nice to hear from you. Yes this would be an excellent initiative as its really quite an exciting time for those who want to create great learning environments enhanced by technology.
    You may be interested in following a project we are involved in called School on the Cloud, which is about the issues associated with Cloud-based education, from personalising learning, to innovative teaching, but also consideration for managing transitions to the Cloud and also leadership aspect, like those demonstrated by NTFs. We are also exploring futures ….. foresight workshop in Palermo Italy in October.
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