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Managing your NTFS email?

As a NTF you are automatically added to the JiscMail list run by the HEA. This is the address:

NTFS ‘at’

The list can become a bit popular at times, so here are some top tips for managing email. This guidance includes instructions to how better manage your email coming to you via the JiscMail service. This includes setting it up to receive daily or weekly ‘digests’ or opting out of receiving email if for example you go on holiday.

Download PDF –> NTF managing email

Download Word –> NTF managing email

No longer on the NTFS JiscMail list?

You may have moved organisations or changed your email, so how do you rejoin the JiscMail List? Go to the JiscMaiil website and log in. (This will be the email by which you were originally registered). You can reset your account details. You can also search for ‘NTFS’ and click ‘subscribe to list’. This sends a notification to the list manager in the HEA who can rejoin you.

For other help with using the JiscMail lists visit their website:




4 thoughts on “Via Email

  1. I am interest4d in attending the
    Association of National Teaching Fellows
    National Teaching Fellowship Workshop
    Sponsored by Ede and Ravenscroft
    but details of registration have not yet ben published

  2. Help please..I seem to have dropped off the email list and every other NTF lsit for that matter a I haven’t received anything in months. Any suggestions? Can you re add me / check I am still on please.

    Many ants and looking forward to I terracing once again

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