National Teaching Fellows

The 2014 National Teaching Fellows Survey Results

“Love this community” Results of the 2014 National Teaching Fellow survey Viv Rolfe, 12th February 2015 --> DOWNLOAD PDF HERE NTF Survey Report Feb15 In October 2014 we issued a survey to all UK National Teaching Fellows to provide feedback on their views of being an NTF, to identify themes they would like to pursue together,… Continue reading The 2014 National Teaching Fellows Survey Results

ANTF Symposium, Aston Conference Centre, 5-6 March 2020

Resplendent in their Robes!

Along with the exciting news that Ede & Ravenscroft have kindly offered to sponsor the Association of National Teaching Fellows 10th Annual Symposium, we have received a number of photographs of fellows looking rather wonderful in their robes on graduation days and other ceremonial occasions. First up! Dr Marina Orsini-Jones. Here is Marina in her Ede and Ravenscroft's Coventry University… Continue reading Resplendent in their Robes!