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Introducing the CANTF committee members: a message from Sally Brown

A new ANTF committee was elected in 2015 to serve the ANTF community and we would like to introduce ourselves. We are:

  • Chair: Sally Brown, Independent consultant, term of office 3 years from summer 2015, s.brown @
  • Deputy chair: Pratap Rughani, University of the Arts, term of office 3 years from summer 2015 Pratap Rughani , rughanip @
  • Secretary: Peter Draper, University of Hull, P.R.Draper @
  • Treasurer, Ian Scott, Oxford Brookes University,scott @
  • Deputy treasurer: Momna Hejmadi, University of Bath, M.V.Hejmadi @
  • External events lead: Laura Ritchie, University of Chichester, l.ritchie @ Deputy external events: Sara Houston, Roehampton University,Houston @
  • Supporting communications: Simon Lancaster, University of East Anglia, S.Lancaster @
  • International Activities Officer: Carol Evans, University of Southampton,A.Evans @
  • Deputy international officer: Chrissie Nerantzi, Manchester Metropolitan University,Nerantzi @
  • Promoting Sponsorship: James Intrilligator, j.intrilligator @
  • Nations officer, Charles Buckley, Bangor University a.buckley @
  • Promoting membership engagement, John Craig, Leeds Beckett UniversityCraig @
  • Responding to consultations: Chair and Deputy chair
  • Non Executive, supporting the ANTF blog, Viv Rolfe UWE Bristol,  vivien.rolfe @

Do contact us via the emails above or via the webmaster if you feel you want to get involved in any of our areas of activity.

We would like to acknowledge the work of the outgoing chair, Kirsten Hardie, and all of the previous executive, who worked so hard in organising events, activities, publications and indeed in producing the magnificent ANTF stoles, many of which will be worn by proud NTFs at graduation ceremonies this year!

Our principal activities this year have involved working on TEF and Green paper consultations, so thanks to everyone who contributed in person at meetings or by email.

We aim to keep NTFs informed of our work on a regular basis, so as part of this process please find enclosed/ attached/ here our most recent minutes, which are currently unconfirmed until out next meeting which will be at the ANTF symposium 21st-22 March at the Burlington MacDonald Hotel in Birmingham (Bookings via the HEA site). We hope to see you there!

Peter Draper

Simon LancasterViv RolfePratap RughaniCharles BuckleyCarol EvansLaura Ritchie

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    • HI Phil

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t think the committee names have been announced yet and I’ve invited them to submit profile details. So hopefully will be updated as soon as. 🙂

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