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Association of National Teaching Fellows

The Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF) was formed in 2005 by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and the leader of the Interim co-ordination group whose task was to establish the Association. This group were later superseded by the first elected Committee of the Association, chaired by Bob Rotheram. The Association is now supported by Advance HE. The Association was expanded in 2018 to include CATE winners in order that we can hold joint events and share best practice. ANTF membership is automatic for anyone who is awarded a NTF and a CATE.

The ANTF vision is “To enhance and embed the impact of National Teaching Fellows and CATE winners in promoting excellence in teaching and learning.”

Our operational objectives are:

1.  To encourage and support applications from potential NTFs and CATE winners to promote the value of the Association.

2.  To provide a framework within which National Teaching Fellows and CATE winners can collectively demonstrate a positive impact on the student learning experience.

3.  To lead by example and by working in collaboration locally and nationally to make a sustained contribution to the broader academic community and the professional standards of academic practice.

4.  To raise the international awareness of the wider impact of Higher Education through global collaborations, communication and dissemination of our work.

The ANTF work closely with colleagues cross discipline across the sector and beyond nationally and internationally. We work collaboratively with other learning and teaching organisations internationally. We are a vibrant proactive community.

More details of how to become an NTF are available on the Advance HE website, as are other forms of professional recognition. Individual colleges and universities will also run internal teacher fellow schemes for staff, so visit your own institutional website for further details if relevant to you.

You can search for national teaching fellows here!

(You can search by discipline as well as institution and year of award).

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