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Lydia Arnold blogs about academic development, learning, teaching, assessment, technology & research.

Sue Beckingham’s blog on Social Media for Learning.

Prof Sally Brown with regular articles

Mick Healey Consultancy and Gloucester University has published an amazing number of articles on students as partners, writing about the scholarship of learning and teaching, and much much more! Mick’s most recent publications are all listed on his blog, by topic.

Photo of Dr Julie Hulme on Keele Uni campus, wearing a red dress Julie Hulme’s blog on studying higher education through a psychological lens.

Photo of Chrissi Nerantzi (head and shoulders) The Blog of the Play Learn Group – NTFs involved include Chrissi Nerantzi (MMU), Alison James, Alex Moseley ( Leicester)

Chemist Simon Rees standing in front of chemistry lab equipment, wearing black and white formal dress and a red cravat Simon Rees and the creative chemists blog

Head shot of Karen Smith A blog by Karen Smith to accompany the series of books in Critical Publishing edited by Joy Jarvis and Karen Smith.

Headshot of Simon Thomson Simon Thomson’s blog on all things digital in higher education.

Headshot of Gary Wood Gary Wood blogs about learning, teaching and assessment in higher education on his personal blog.


Front cover of book by Austen & Jones-devitt

Liz Austen and Stella Jones-Devitt (2020) , Staffordshire University, an overview of the need and benefit of HE leaders to use data in thier work eg to establish impact.Part of the leadership course provided by QAA https://www.enhancementthemes.ac.uk/evidence-for-enhancement/optimising-existing-evidence/staff-guide-to-using-evidence#

Sally Everett and other experts in the field (2020) publish a highly practical, chapters include reflection points, industry, student and employer insights.Sage Publications.

Joy Jarvis, Karen Smith, Karen Clark (2020) NTFs, edit a pedagogic series of 3 books for HE professional from Critical Publishing, http://www.criticalpublishing.com/critical-practice-in-higher-education

See also their blog https://thecriticalblog.wordpress.com/

Kay Sambell and Sally Brown have shared their expertise in a series of papers

  1. Changing Landscape in Assessment – a response to COVID
  2. Contingency Planning : alternatives to F2F assessment.
  3. Fifty Tips on planning your replacement assessment

All available open access on http://sally-brown.net

Alison James & Chrissi Nerantzi (2019) Palgrave .See also the Play Learn http://playlearnthink.net and Tweet @playlearnconf 14-16.7.21

Stephanie Marshall (2019) edits a collection of articles from NTFs and others offering plentiful and rich practical advice. This rigorous and sound introduction to the basics of teaching and learning in higher education draws together a large number of expert authors, including numerous NTFs, and a range of global case studies

Tim Bilham, Claire Hamshire, Mary Hartog and Martina A Doolan (2019) explore the use of ‘learning places’ that may be physical, virtual, in work or in the field, and as a ‘belonging space’ in which learners and teachers can engage and develop individually and collectively. It features contributions from over 40 University teachers, including National Teaching Fellows.

Visit the UCL-IOE Press Website

Naomi Winstone & David Carless (2019) Designing Effective Feedback Processes in Higher Education: A Learning-Focused Approach contributes to the theory and practice of higher education pedagogy by re-evaluating how feedback processes are designed and managed. It is a must-read for educators, researchers, and academic developers in higher education who will benefit from a guide to feedback research and practice that addresses well recognised challenges in relation to assessment and feedback. Available from Amazon Books

Ritchie (2015) demonstrates how teaching staff in HEIs can foster students’ self-efficacy beliefs to promote excellence and enable their students to sustain effective learning. Combining theory with tangible methods for everyday use, it gives the reader the core tools and methods to use in their own practical teaching.

National Teaching Fellow Book

Tim Bilham (2013) sharing innovations and practices from National Teaching Fellows (NTFs) in the UK with 36 contributions from fellows.

Visit the Palgrave Website

Helen Walkington’s monograph is aimed at academic staff in higher education institutions interested in developing or enhancing learning through ‘students as researchers’ pedagogy.

Access the PDF at the Advance HE Website

Cathy Gormley-Heenan and Simon Lightfoot (2012) explore teaching and learning issues in Politics and IR. It covers a range of approaches, techniques, and methodologies for tutors. This book discusses the themes and challenges in teaching and learning whilst also exploring these in the specific context of political science and IR.

Visit the Palgrave website

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