‘Career Framework for University Teaching’

Ruth Graham, under sponsorship from the Royal Academy of Engineering, has published The Career Framework for University Teaching (http://www.rhgraham.org/resources/Career-Framework-University-Teaching-April-2018.pdf). While geared to STEM it appears fairly generally applicable.

It highlights many of the issues we are all too familiar with – defining metrics for L&T activity and also issues around incentives with little reward to go beyond “competence” in teaching esp. if faced with pressures and incentives to do discipline research.

The report describes a 4 level framework,

  1. Effective Teacher
  2. Skilled and Collegial Teacher
  3. Is split into two equal merit levels – One is institutional leader, the other scholarly teacher
  4. National / global leader in teaching and learning

Level 4 is generally linked to Professorial level.

The report describes the levels and how they have been tested by a number of institutions worldwide.

This may (well) be of use – but still needs each University to interpret their own take on career progression for academics based on teaching/ expertise….




Readers may be interested in an upcoming conference on Institutional and Subject Excellence. To register:https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/whats-on/pedrio-conference-what-is-institutional-and-subject-excellence

29 Nov at University of Plymouth

Prof. Debby Cotton, Head Educational Development, Plymouth University; e-mail pedrio@plymouth.ac.uk






Arrival & Registration  




Welcome – Professor Debby Cotton, Head of Educational Development, University of Plymouth


Keynote Presentation –”High seas: the shipping forecast for UK HE policy”, Louis Coiffait, Associate Editor, Wonkhe


10:40-11:40 SESSION A    


Demonstrating institutional and subject excellence through Curriculum Transformation at the University of Bath, Briony Frost


The UN Sustainable Development Goals, Entrepreneurship Education and Institutional Excellence, Andreas Walmsley, Dr Christopher Moon, Dr Nikolaos Apostolopoulos


Exploring the impact and value of sustainability education, Rebecca Fisher

SESSION B – Workshop


Making a splash: Towards targeted and impactful academic development provision to support teaching excellence, Annie Bryan, Louise Wilson




SESSION C – Workshop


Beyond the metrics: charting the intangible aspects of enhancement in the age of accountability, Elizabeth  Cleaver, Alastair Robertson, Fiona Smart










Refreshment Break


12:00-13:00 SESSION D    


Pipe dream, nightmare or dream ticket? Final year undergraduate projects as a key output from strong links between teaching and research, John Spicer


Excellence in impact: how the Centre for Innovation in Higher Education evidences the value of pedagogic research, Simon Pratt-Adams, Dr Emma Coonan.


‘I now realise how important it is to collect data from students’: making research-informed practice a priority for ‘institutional excellence’, Kerry Dobbins, Lynnette Matthews


SESSION E – Workshop      


Students as customers or partners? A workshop to explore tensions between the HE quality agenda and teaching and learning practice, Gina Pauli







SESSION F – Workshop


Fostering subject excellence in Higher Education, Katrina Bannigan









Lunch, networking and poster session





Bridging the gap: achieving institutional excellence in widening participation through a feminist-poststructuralist ethics of empowerment, Elizabeth Done


What is teaching excellence and why should it matter? David Carter


SESSION H – Workshop  


Beyond careers guidance – implementing an institutional wide careers and employability strategy, Deborah Pownall, Jo Ives

15:10-16:10 SESSION I  


Hashtag Heroes: How Twitter is impacting teacher CPD, Claire Hadfield


Reconsidering public engagement in UK higher education: Engaging students to change the world, Christopher Wilson, Sarah Hayes


Science Communication and university metrics – is there a role? Zoe Mason, Martin Khechara, Sarah Smith

SESSION J – Workshop        


‘The Drivers and Barriers to Teaching Excellence: an Animal – and Veterinary- Curriculum Perspective’, Emily Chapman-Waterhouse







Networking and what next,   discussion with  tea, drinks and canapés





Conference: ‘What is Institutional and Subject Excellence?’ 29th November, University of Plymouth

PedRIO Conference: ‘What is Institutional and Subject Excellence?’

 Taking place on Thursday 29th November 2018 at the University of Plymouth.

The programme is now available online, please take a look at the interesting papers and workshops available; conference registration is available here

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:We are pleased to host Louis Coiffait, Associate Editor at WonkHE with his Keynote: ‘High Seas: the shipping forecast for UK HE policy’.

For any queries, please email pedrio@plymouth.ac.uk