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The 10th Association of National Teaching Fellow’s symposium is nearly upon us with delegates arriving in Birmingham from Sunday 29th March for a Monday morning start (download our joining instructions here –> Joining instructions).

We are delighted that Ede & Ravenscroft are sponsoring the event and you can read more about them and full details of our programme on our 2015 Symposium Page. We are also grateful to our other sponsors – De Montfort University who are sponsoring the drinks reception and Play Doh (Hasbro) for their donation that will  entertain delegates for the two days. Thanks also go to the HEA for their continued support.

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National Teaching Fellows March 2015 Activity

March News and Events from the Association of National Teaching Fellows

When I offered to pull together a blog for the UK National Teaching Fellows community back in January 2014, I was looking forward to a nice and gentle creative challenge. I was totally taken aback by the amount of activities, events, books and initiatives that fellows engage in. So the last year has been a little busy but it is great to see our community grow, with over 300 Twitter followers, and thousands of visitors to the blog.

There are 643 National Teaching Fellows in the UK, and the recent annual survey showed what a diverse group of teachers, librarians, technologists and support staff make up the community, and equally diverse is the range of educational specialist areas and interests of the group. Many are leaders within their own institutions, and some are retired or have moved beyond the education sector but still are actively involved. The Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF), to which all fellows automatically become a member,  welcomes everyone, and draws people together to raise the profile of learning and teaching nationally and internationally.

This month sees the preparation for the 10th Annual Association of National Teaching Fellows Symposium come to fruition. Fellows are invited for both days, and day two is open to the learning and teaching community. Do contact us (via this blog) if you wish to participate in the Pecha Kucha which will be 5 minute snap-shots of teaching activities.

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New books! Michael Waring and Carol Evans have just released a new book exploring critical approaches to teaching and learning, and the authors answer some very fundamental questions such as “what is pedagogy” and “how does it inform teaching practice”? To order the book and find out more visit the Taylor and Francis website.

Book by Carol Evans

And finally conferences! Details of the 2015 EuroSoTL conference  are newly launched. The 2015 European Conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning will be held at University College Cork on June 8-9th, and will explore the scholarship of teaching and learning, and how this can bridge boundaries in Higher Education. This is a regional event of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSoTL) which many National Teaching Fellows participate in, and the Cork event will be the inaugural European conference. There are NTFs as keynote speakers at this event.






Article by Viv

The 2014 National Teaching Fellows Survey Results

“Love this community”

Results of the 2014 National Teaching Fellow survey
Viv Rolfe, 12th February 2015 –> DOWNLOAD PDF HERE NTF Survey Report Feb15

Words used to describe NTFs?

Which three words would you use to describe NTFs?

In October 2014 we issued a survey to all UK National Teaching Fellows to provide feedback on their views of being an NTF, to identify themes they would like to pursue together, and to highlight other aspects of NTF work that the Association could assist with.

One of the questions (illustrated above) asked which three words would people use to describe NTFs? There are no doubts from the responses that NTFs are a diverse and dynamic group of people. What is lovely is that the community comprises folk in all stages of their academic careers, and includes actively participating people who have retired or moved beyond the education sector. As we move forward as an Association we need to celebrate this diversity, and also find good ways of drawing communities of practice together.

The results of the survey are compiled on behalf of the Association of National Teaching Fellows Committee. The full report can be downloaded via this link NTF Survey Report Feb15. (Right mouse click to download).


  • Final number of responses = 183 out of a Jisc-mail list of 523.
  • An interim report presented to the Committee of the Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF) in October reviewed the first 120 responses, and at a subsequent meeting, the full survey was discussed in more detail.
  • The report contains the results of the survey and some of the action points agreed by the Committee. These will be announced in full at the 10th National Teaching Fellows symposium, March 2015.