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Annual NTF Symposia

Looking forward to ANTF Symposium 2024, looking back on ANTF Symposium 2023

As our 2024 Symposium gets ever closer, we are taking a moment to reflect on the 2023 event.  Exciting pedagogic and scholarship discussions aren’t just shared at our Symposium, we also invite Symposium presenters to summarise their presentation or reflect on their experience of presenting, and share this through our blog

In this post we have collated links to articles on our website related to our 2023 Symposium, and hope these give you a sense of the interesting academic explorations we may embrace as part of #ANTF2024.

Let’s Get Wiser – We started our 2023 Symposium publications with an invitation to explore the new WISER themes, and a reflection on the unanticipated experiences of the previous years that had prevented us from meeting in person. Author: Chair of the Committee for the Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF), Professor Angela O’Sullivan.

Symposium 2023 – Posters – We were delighted to share posters available for review during the Symposium via our website. Authors: Sarah Allsop, Juliet Brown, and Santiago Rodriguez from University of Bristol; Dr Iain Wilson, Nottingham Trent University; N. Capel, L. Hancock, C. Howe, G. Jones, T. Phillips, and D. Plana from Keele University.

Community, connectedness, collaboration: Reflections on being authentically ‘WISER’ at the ANTF2023 symposium – Julie Hulme reflected on our first in person annual symposium since the pandemic and shared the take-home message that we are “stronger together”. Author: Deputy Chair of the Committee for the ANTF, Prof Julie Hulme.

Launching the Collaborative Innovation Project Fund (2023-24) – The ANTF Symposium saw the launch of the 2023-24 Collaborative Innovation Projects (CiP) funding scheme and we were delighted to share the details. Authors: Professor Sam Elkington & Haleh Moravej.

Looking back on articles developed by Symposium presenters we shared:

Learning to be WISER for a day – reflection, connection, direction: Focus on SoTL by Earle Abrahamson

Promoting friendships in first-year university students: creating a community by Buddy Penfold; Laurie Truscott; Nicholas Rodgers from De Montfort University

Collaborating with your students as partners: how to move from consultation to true collaboration by Dr Sarah Allsop, University of Bristol Medical School.

Co-constructed SME business curriculum research presentation at the ANTF symposium 2023 by Dr David Gordon, Prof Peter Stokes, and Dr Martin Beckinsale from De Montfort University

Recognising, valuing and rewarding the educational expertise of Professional Services (PS) Colleagues by Dr Sarah Floyd, Ulster University, and Professor Fiona Smart, Independent Consultant

“The future is human, and the future of learning is immersive”: discuss by Prof Debbie Holley, Bournemouth University

Ethics and professional Standards: why and why not? by Dr Neil Gordon, University of Hull

Mentor Training in Police Forces as a Model to Support Apprentices in the Workplace by Dr John Wheeler and Sarah Page, Staffordshire University

Improving the recognition scholarship within the academy: sharing what we learned from developing new promotion criteria for the Teaching and Scholarship career track by Kathy Charles, Rose Gann, Jane McNeil, and Patrick George, Nottingham Trent University

Collaboration with the Cambridge University Health Partners to address Talent and Skills challenges and increase the civic impact of Higher Education by Professor Claire V.S. Pike, Anglia Ruskin University

Introducing Team-Based Learning – was it worth the bother? By Natalie Capel, Laura Hancock, Chloe Howe, Graeme Jones, Daniela Plana1 and Tess Phillips, Keele University and University of Birmingham

A practical approach to amplifying scholarly practice through digital technology by Sue Beckingham, Sheffield Hallam University and Professor Dawne Irving-Bell, BPP University

Mapping Scholarship in a large School of Social Sciences: sharing our approach and initial findings from this project by Rose Gann and Julie Hulme, Nottingham Trent University

The Synthesised Model of Reflection (SMoR): A new approach to assess reflections by Dr Iain Wilson, Nottingham Trent University

Addressing the academic needs of engineering students from diverse backgrounds by Dr Anna Strzelecka, Dr F. Farukh, and Mr Thomas Skinner, De Montfort University

Animating the SOAR metamodel as a pedagogy and andragogy for personalised learning and holistic development by Arti Kumar MBE, Emerita University of Bedfordshire

The Added value of the Pracademic Classroom in Criminology and Criminal Justice by Di Turgoose, De Montfort University

Cross-sector collaboration to enhance embedding mental wellbeing by Zoë Allman, De Montfort University

Bookings for the 2024 Symposium remain open for just a few more days, book now if you haven’t yet and you are hoping to join us!  We can’t wait to welcome you to Nottingham.

Image: Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay