Aspiring NTF

Aspiring NTFs : Webinar 3

Top row (L-R):

Dr Holly Earl (AdvanceHE) Prof Debbie Holley (facilitator/ANTF) Karen Hustler (AdvanceHE)

Lower row (L-R): Tom Davies (AdvanceHE) Prof Angela O’Sullivan (panel guest and ANTF) Prof Catherine Lee (panel guest and new NTF 2021)

Today I had the absolute privilege of facilitating the final of our three webinars to support aspiring NTFs, through the process of developing their applications. Joined on this occasion by Professor Angela O’Sullivan, on the ANTF committee with me, and Prof Catherine Lee, and ‘brand new’ NTF – both have an inclusive practice background, Angela with the prison service and children in care, and Catherine with advocating for LGBT teachers, in schools and in University educational settings.

Thanks to AdvanceHE Dr Holly Earl who leads the NTF scheme, Karen Hustler Assistant Director Fellowship and Awards and Tom Davies, for his exemplary tech skills and support; they have helped to shape, frame, answer questions reassure and genuinely encourage workshop participants to engage with the scheme.

Huge thanks yous to all NTFs who have come along and shared their ‘story’ (Dr Glen Hurst, Dr Helen Webster, Dr Viv Rolfe) and to fellow ANTF committee members for their time and encouragement; both the current ANTF Chair Caroline Coles and former Chair, Professor Sally Brown have contributed.

Best wishes and information on our symposium in April 2022

The ANTF wish all aspiring NTFs the best of luck with their submissions, and warmly welcome any who would like to take part (you do NOT need to be an NTF!) in our annual symposium, full details on way – dates 7/8 April 2022, online and F2F options.

A reminder!

12.00 Noon March 9th 2022

1500 words on the three criteria, plus a 300 word context statement – plus the associated documents, submitted via your Institutional Contact (now called Teaching Excellence Award Lead – TEAL)

And links to the three slidedecks:

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