Aspiring NTF

Report on the first ANTF/AdvanceHE ‘Aspiring NTF webinar series’

A report by Debbie Holley, Professor of Learning Innovation, Bournemouth University

Our ‘Aspiring NTF’ briefings got off to great start this week, with over 100 potential NTFs logging on for our webinar. Arranged by the Association of National Teaching Fellows in partnership with AdvanceHE, Caroline Coles, the ANTF Chair offered  warm welcome and we were off. Professor Sally Brown, with Phil Race, instrumental in setting the scheme up joined the expert panel talking abut how to get started, what to write, and importantly, how to finish with a flourish!  Dr Viv Rolfe, navigating careers between academic and industry  spoke about the importance of networking, and Prof Debbie Holley (facilitating) offered her ‘mythbusters’. Dr Holly Earl , the AdvanceHE Fellowships and Awards Advisor is co-ordinating the webinars this year, and was able to clarify and answer lots of questions.

The next two events in the series are open for booking, (Tuesday 7th December 13:00-14:00 and Tuesday 18th January 12:00-13:00)  so do join us:

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