Simon Lancaster

Simon Lancaster
Simon Lancaster

Name: Professor Simon Lancaster
Job title and Department: Professor of Chemical Education, Department of Chemistry
Organisation: University of East Anglia
Year of NTF award: 2013

Summary of teaching career

Prof Lancaster has seen for himself that learning cannot be imposed upon a student. The role of the teacher is to facilitate the students learning. That means providing an environment where students are active participants and being prepared as a teacher to make space for the learning happen. He has used the medium of active engagement in a number of recent keynotes at institutional learning and teaching days. He further recognises that meaningful change in the outcomes of modern degrees requires radical changes in the sort of questions we pose to assess our students. He is the author of blended learning objects and a commissioner of MOOCs but a vocal critic of repeating the deficiencies of traditional teaching online.

Prof Lancaster is a member of the Education Division Council and Tertiary Education Group Committee of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is currently applying for SFHEA.


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