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Collaborative Innovation Project

ANTF Collaborative Innovation Project Scheme: Our 2023-24 Projects

Sam Elkington, Teeside University (ANTF Pedagogic Research Officer), and Haleh Moravej, Manchester Metropolitan University (ANTF Deputy Pedagogic Research Officer)

Introducing the Collaborative Innovation Scheme

The Collaborative Innovation Project (CiP) scheme launched in September 2023 with the intention of being a vehicle for excellence in teaching and learning practice-based research. The ANTF Committee are passionate about providing funding opportunities for National Teaching Fellows to collaborate on innovative initiatives that align with established ANTF WISER themes. But the 2023-24 CiP Scheme is more than a funding opportunity. It is a chance to bring together National Teaching Fellows from higher education institutions nationwide and to support projects that develop and enhance innovative teaching and learning initiatives aligned with ANTF WISER themes. Our goal is to promote the development of research and associated outputs that benefit the ANTF network and the entire higher education sector.

Aims and Scope of the 2023-24 CiP Scheme

  • The Collaborative Innovation Project scheme offered funding for small groups of existing National Teaching Fellows to work together on projects that develop and/or enhance innovative learning and teaching initiatives aligned to one of the ANTF WISE themes.
  • The 2023 CiP Scheme funded a total of 4 projects up to a maximum of £5,000 per project.
  • Project groups are comprised of a minimum of 2 National Teaching Fellows from different Higher Education Institutions.
  • CiPs might include collaborative work between a minimum of 2 National Teaching Fellows and 1 or more CATE recipients each from different Higher Education Institutions.
  • Funding will be used to support and facilitate a clear research plan aligned to one of the ANTF themes. Such project work might involve, for example: knowledge exchange events and initiatives; collaborative research and/or evidence-gathering activities; students-as-partner work.
  • Where appropriate to do so, projects aim to involve aspiring National Teaching Fellows from partner institutions as part of the wider project team.
  • 2023-24 CiPs formally run between September 2023 and July 2024.
  • Project teams have committed to a clear set of outputs that benefit the wider ANTF network and higher education sector. One of these outputs will include a contribution to the 2023-24 ANTF Annual Symposium to be hosted at Nottingham Trent University.

Our 2023-24 Collaborative Innovation Projects

Following a very competitive application process three CiP proposals were awarded funding based on their potential reach, value, and impact for the wider sector. The three projects are:

  1. “Using AI in teaching, learning and assessment: inclusive, ethical, and sustainable innovation” led by Dr. Jenny Lawrence (Oxford Brookes University).
  2. “Piloting a survey to evaluate initiatives that enhance students’ Being, Belonging and Becoming” led by Prof. Harriet Dunbar-Morris (The University of Buckinghamshire) and Dr. Andy Clegg (University of Portsmouth).
  3. “Supporting students’ identities as learners to increase inclusion: Evaluating and disseminating a research-informed teaching intervention” led by Dr. Louise Taylor (Oxford Brookes University).

Throughout the coming weeks we shall be hearing more about each CiP from the project teams themselves in a series of ANTF blog posts. Watch this space!  

Image: Image by Ravindra Panwar from Pixabay