‘Career Framework for University Teaching’

Ruth Graham, under sponsorship from the Royal Academy of Engineering, has published The Career Framework for University Teaching ( While geared to STEM it appears fairly generally applicable.

It highlights many of the issues we are all too familiar with – defining metrics for L&T activity and also issues around incentives with little reward to go beyond “competence” in teaching esp. if faced with pressures and incentives to do discipline research.

The report describes a 4 level framework,

  1. Effective Teacher
  2. Skilled and Collegial Teacher
  3. Is split into two equal merit levels – One is institutional leader, the other scholarly teacher
  4. National / global leader in teaching and learning

Level 4 is generally linked to Professorial level.

The report describes the levels and how they have been tested by a number of institutions worldwide.

This may (well) be of use – but still needs each University to interpret their own take on career progression for academics based on teaching/ expertise….




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