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NTFs salute Prof Sally Brown

Caroline Coles, Aston University, Chair of the Committee for Association of NTFs with Mark O’Hara, Birmingham City University, CATE Co-Ordinator CANTF, presented Professor Sally Brown with a 'thank you' present for her continuing inspirational support for CANTF and the entire NTF/CATE Community - at the Manchester 2019 Annual Award Event. Association of NTF representatives -… Continue reading NTFs salute Prof Sally Brown

ANTF Twitter Feed

(Please) become an NTF Tweet-meister

An opportunity to Guest Moderate our NTF Twitter-stream We  would  like  to  invite  you  to  moderate  our  Twitter  presence  on a  rotating  basis. You would work alongside us – Chrissi and James (ANTF Communications  Officers) -  for  6  months,  to  inject  NTF  stories  and  other  interesting  learning  and  teaching  news  via  the  ANTF  Twitter account.… Continue reading (Please) become an NTF Tweet-meister