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(Please) become an NTF Tweet-meister

An opportunity to Guest Moderate our NTF Twitter-stream

We  would  like  to  invite  you  to  moderate  our  Twitter  presence  on a  rotating  basis.

You would work alongside us – Chrissi and James (ANTF Communications  Officers) –  for  6  months,  to  inject  NTF  stories  and  other  interesting  learning  and  teaching  news  via  the  ANTF  Twitter account.

For  each  moderation  team/ pairing,  we  would  like  to  buddy  up  NTFs  from  different  parts  of  the  UK  (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) or  the  world,  depending  on where  you  are  currently located,  and  in so doing bring  together  new  and  more experienced  NTFs.

Contributing  in  this  way  to  the  NTF  community  would  give  a  little  bit  back  and  promote  the  work  of  NTFs  more  widely.  It  will  also  help  to  extend  your  professional  learning  network  and  represents  a  useful  professional  development  opportunity.

If  this  could  be  you,  please  get  in  touch  with  James  or Chrissi We are currently  looking  for  NTFs  who  would  like  to  join  one  of  the  two  next  organising  teams,  starting  September  2018  and  March  2019.


Thank  you  so  much  for  considering  this. Expressing interest doesn’t mean you sign your life away!

James  and  Chrissi

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