Free online seminar – ‘The Hyperlinked Campus: connected learning and collaborative reflection’

c/o HERDSA: Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia

Free online seminarThe Hyperlinked Campus: connected learning and collaborative reflection with Dr Michael Stephens
7 August 2018

Information technology is impacting every industry right now, and universities and libraries are no different. Educators are adopting connected means of extending the reach of the classroom. There is a rapid influx of job descriptions related to emerging technologies, user experience specialists, instructional design, and others who guide technology-focused projects and departments.

Emerging technologies for communication and creation of content afford the possibility of the connected, “always on” educational environment. The Hyperlinked Campus is a model of open communication, collaborative learning, transparency, social engagement, guided exploration, and creativity. This session will explore how we can extend the classroom beyond the classroom to engage learners with their peers and with the world.

Promoting spaces that encourage creativity, thoughtful reflection on course materials shared openly with peers, and a means to forge networks of learners should be a goal of all instructors no matter where you are with technology. Even if you’re not an early adopter of the latest technology trends in use in higher education, this session will explore how to be an early adaptor.

Dr Michael Stephens is Associate Professor in the School of Information at San Jose State University. His teaching focuses on information communities, evolving library service, and reflective practice for librarians. His teaching has garnered awards for delivery and engagement in the online environment. Dr Stephens has delivered keynotes, papers, and workshops throughout the US and internationally on topics related to creative and open uses of technology to support and drive library services and learning. Since 2010, Dr Stephens has written the monthly column “Office Hours” for Library Journal exploring the issues, ideas, and emerging trends in libraries and LIS education. His research focuses on the use of emerging technologies in libraries, professional development and learning programs for librarians, and innovation in information environments.

He is inspired by library structures and virtual spaces that support user curiosity, encourage participation, nurture the creation of new knowledge, and encourage the heart. In 2016, ALA Editions published five years of the “Office Hours” columns from Library Journal as a book entitled The Heart of Librarianship.

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