COVID personal reflections

Leisa Nichols- Drew, of De Montfort writes:

Helping me get through these difficult times has been

  • Collaboration – colleagues pulling together, families living and working in one space, neighbours looking out for each other, people clapping their appreciation on their doorstep,
  • Invention finding new ways to do our jobs, shop , home school
  • Opportunity to pause, reflect, develop, declutter and try something new like knitting!
  • I had to include ‘Distance’, not only the recommended two metres from one another, but the isolation I have felt from relatives, the people I work with, my students, even though ironically, we have never been more connected with technology.
  • Moving forward, whatever the next steps will be, this has made me realise the importance of contact, to rejoice when we can (and we will) be together again. Furthermore, be kind and thankful, to others and yourself.

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