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Call for participants

Exploring Academic Identity in Higher Education: Education-Focused Academic Identity, call for participants

Jennifer Taylorson, Associate Lecturer, International Education Institute, St Andrews 

Having facilitated a workshop on ‘Understanding Educator Identity in the Higher Education Sector using the Social Identity Approach’ at the Enhancing Student Learning Through Innovative Scholarship Conference earlier this week in which I shared findings from my research to date, I extend a call for participants and hope you will want to get involved. 

The workshop outlined interim findings of a research project investigating educator identity in UK higher education (HE) and provided a space for participants to reflect on the findings in relation to their own educator identities, and collaboratively explore recommendations about how institutions might further develop the careers and identities of educators working in HE. 

The project draws on the social identity approach (SIA) (Tajfel & Turner, 1979; Turner et al., 1987) as a theoretical framework for investigating the following questions: 

 1. What educator identities exist within the HE context?  

2. What is the content of these social groups?  

3. What indicates the boundaries between groups?  

4. What behaviours, perceptions and beliefs characterise intergroup relations? 

I am collecting data through semi-structured interviews, and participants are lecturers working in UK HE. The data is analysed using inductive and deductive thematic approaches as well as constant comparison between cases and between groups. 

This study is being conducted as part of my PhD research study in the School of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of St Andrews. I invite you to participate in a research project that seeks to build a more detailed picture of how education-focused lecturers construct and perceive their educator identity. 

Call for participants: 

Take part in a one-to-one interview with the researcher over Microsoft Teams. During the interview you will be asked to discuss aspects of your role as an academic, your professional development over time, and your experiences teaching in higher education. The interview should take between 30 – 60 mins. 

At this time, I am looking for academics who are employed on an education-focused contract (for example, you might be called an education-focused lecturer, or a teaching fellow, a teaching and scholarship academic or you might work at a teaching focused university). You must also work in the UK. 

If you are interested, please get in contact with me (Jenny) using the details below. I will follow up by sending you a link to a Participant Information Sheet that has further details about this research project. 

I intend that interviews will be completed by Friday the 20th of December 2024. 

Contact Details:  

Researcher: Jennifer Taylorson – jt52@st-andrews.ac.uk  

Supervisor: Dr Paula Miles – pj11@st-andrews.ac.uk 


Tajfel, H., Turner, J. C., Austin, W. G., & Worchel, S. (1979). An integrative theory of intergroup conflict. Organizational identity: A reader56(65) 

Hogg, M. A., & Turner, J. C. (1987). Intergroup behaviour, self‐stereotyping and the salience of social categories. British Journal of Social Psychology26(4), 325-340

Image: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay