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The 2014 National Teaching Fellows Survey Results

“Love this community”

Results of the 2014 National Teaching Fellow survey
Viv Rolfe, 12th February 2015 –> DOWNLOAD PDF HERE NTF Survey Report Feb15

Words used to describe NTFs?
Which three words would you use to describe NTFs?

In October 2014 we issued a survey to all UK National Teaching Fellows to provide feedback on their views of being an NTF, to identify themes they would like to pursue together, and to highlight other aspects of NTF work that the Association could assist with.

One of the questions (illustrated above) asked which three words would people use to describe NTFs? There are no doubts from the responses that NTFs are a diverse and dynamic group of people. What is lovely is that the community comprises folk in all stages of their academic careers, and includes actively participating people who have retired or moved beyond the education sector. As we move forward as an Association we need to celebrate this diversity, and also find good ways of drawing communities of practice together.

The results of the survey are compiled on behalf of the Association of National Teaching Fellows Committee. The full report can be downloaded via this link NTF Survey Report Feb15. (Right mouse click to download).


  • Final number of responses = 183 out of a Jisc-mail list of 523.
  • An interim report presented to the Committee of the Association of National Teaching Fellows (ANTF) in October reviewed the first 120 responses, and at a subsequent meeting, the full survey was discussed in more detail.
  • The report contains the results of the survey and some of the action points agreed by the Committee. These will be announced in full at the 10th National Teaching Fellows symposium, March 2015.

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