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Welcome to all new fellows!

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This was the steam coming from my email inbox today as the NTF email list welcomed 55 new fellows. This brings the total of NTFs to 698 now from all subject disciplines and wide ranging professional services within the education sector.

This post is just to welcome new members to the ‘Association of National Teaching Fellows’ to which you automatically join. We comprise awarded fellows including those who may have left the sector but still wish to participate or maybe have moved abroad. We also include those now retired, but as you’ll soon become aware, most NTFs are not very good at doing this!

Here are some of our activities:

1) Annual symposium generally held during the Easter break.
2) Writing retreats and book collaborations.
3) The association are often called to advise wannabe fellows on NTF and UKPSF processes.
4) Sharing good practice on this blog! Anyone is welcome to submit an article.
5) Sharing of conference, news and event details.

2014 ANTF survey

Our 2014 survey highlighted some of the areas for the Committee to develop. We addressed the little things – such as having a means of searching for NTFs (see top of right hand side bar). We also started to think about areas proposed for training and development such as he use of learning technology, and we have been grateful for the support of the Association of Learning Technology in aspects of our work this year, and we fully encourage NTFs to link with them for webinars and technology training. If you access the survey report you’ll see we are a diverse community, and at the symposium this year we held a workshop representing everyone across a range of professional service roles, indeed, a large proportion of our fellows.

We’ve spent the last year and a half setting up this blog and the Twitter community (@NTF_Tweet), and I think there is the opportunity now to consider how our community can make a difference and become a recognised voice for learning and teaching. I would fully encourage people to use the search tool to identify those with similar interests, and use the Jisc Mail list to form interest groups which the Association fully supports.

Your Association needs you!

You’ll see from the action points in the report we really do need your input. As you may know we are transitioning to a financially independent organisation and have received generous sponsorship for symposium activities, and also support from Ede & Ravenscroft who are a gold sponsor. We very much need help to produce promotional materials such as flyers and brochures as we move forward in this area. This blog would also welcome a professional touch – I am very much an amateur and it might not be fit for purpose as we move into the future.

2015 Symposium kindly sponsored by Play Doh. (CC BY SA, Viv Rolfe)

How to manage the email passion?

The subject of our 2015 symposium was ‘passion’, and as you’ll have witnessed on the email list today, things from time to time, erm, get a bit passionate! Yes by all means use the email list to share questions and evoke conversation, but you might want to think about how to organise your inbox. I have pulled a document together to give you some email tips (PDF document –> right mouse click to download NTF managing email ) for those moments when things might get a little out of hand!

What next?

Do keep an eye on the email list for announcements. We will soon be advertising for new committee members as several move on this year. Involvement is on a voluntary basis, although full expenses are provided.

Again, a very warm welcome. Do use the contact form to enquire about submitting to YOUR blog!

Viv Rolfe
2012 Fellow (awarded at De Montfort University and now at the University of the West of England).



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